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10 Reasons To Love Gardening

With Spring and Summer fast approaching, we are bringing you a list of reasons why gardening is so great!

Hopefully, after reading this you will be encouraged to get out in your garden and get planting.


1. Good For Your Physical Health

Gardening is amazing for your physical health. Digging and weeding involves lots of up and down movement, so it is a very active but enjoyable activity. Gardening has also been recommended as a natural way to combat high blood pressure.

2. Create Your Own Space

Your garden is an extension of your home, think of it as another room where you can have complete creative control and show off your unique style. Gardens aren’t just about growing vegetables, they are about creating a relaxing environment for you and your family.

3. Teaches Patience

Gardening is great for teaching yourself and your others patience, nothing just grows easily overnight. There is a lot of experimentation and patience in gardening as your plants will need nurturing. It is very challenging but highly rewarding.

4. Give Back To Nature

With urban areas expanding and taking away green spaces, it’s so important we keep nature thriving in our own gardens by planting wildlife-friendly plants and trees.

5. Good For The Mind

Gardening is great for mental health, it can be very therapeutic getting out into the fresh air with an activity that can distract you from any worries you may have.

6. Source of Vitamin D

Getting outside and getting lots of sunlight and fresh air can help your body to naturally produce vitamin D. Vitamin D is vital for a healthy immune system, and with most of us having to stay at home many aren’t getting enough. It is very important to make a conscious effort to take time for yourself at some point every day and get outside.

7. Provides You With Beautiful Gifts

Growing your own beautiful floral display of flowers that you can then turn into beautiful bouquets for yourself and to gift others really is fabulous. Imagine gifting a loved one with a gorgeous bouquet and them telling them you grew them all from seed yourself in your own garden. It would make that gift extra special.

8. Produces Healthy Fruit and Vegetables

One of the best parts of growing your own fruits and vegetables in your own space is that you know exactly where they have been and what has gone into them. Another bonus is that you know you are helping the environment because you no longer have to buy from shops where the produce may have travelled thousands of miles to get to you.

9. Bring’s People Together

Gardening can be such a great way to bring people together, sharing tips and tricks with friends, family members, neighbours and even in online communities. It can be so fun having family competitions to see who can grow the most or the largest crop. It is also great gardening with kids and getting them outdoors.

10. It Can Save You Money

There many ways that gardening can save you money, not just because you won’t have to buy fresh herbs, fruit, vegetables and flowers from the shop. It is also a great family activity, enjoyable for everyone, this can save you lots of money on other activities you would have paid for to occupy your family at weekends and summer holidays etc.

I hope you have found this blog post helpful and if you weren’t already an avid gardener I hope this has encouraged you to get involved, start a new hobby and get outside.

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