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Best Houseplants For Clean Air


The majority of us don’t get enough clean, fresh air in our everyday lives. The air inside our homes can often feel stale, not helped by synthetic materials found in our homes and heating systems drying the air out. Paints, computers and synthetic furniture and more all pump chemical vapours into the air. 

All of this can lead to health issues such as headaches, asthma, tickly coughs and allergy attacks.

This is where house plants come in.

We all know how great houseplants look aesthetically in our homes, adding colour and vibrancy, but what many people don’t realise is that houseplants are also functional too!

Plants work hard at cleaning the air of toxins and releasing humidity back into the atmosphere.

This happens during photosynthesis, the plants convert the carbon dioxide we inhale into fresh oxygen and remove toxins from the air we breathe.

There have even been studies conducted by NASA on the subject! 

When it comes to plants cleaning the air, the rule of thumb is the more the better. To truly feel the benefits it is worth having at least two plants per 100 square metres. 

We have put together a list of some of the best air purifying plants around that you should have in your home.

Weeping Fig Tree


Snake Plant


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Lady Palm


Spider Plant

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Chinese Evergreen


Bamboo Palm

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Pygmy Date Palm 

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Peace Lily


Aloe Vera 


I hope this blog has inspired you to pick your next house plant wisely, why can't it be functional and beautiful?!

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