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Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Plastic Plant Pots!

Did you know, millions of plastic plant pots are ending up in landfill as they are not being properly recycled. They can take around 450 years to decompose!

However there are many alternatives to plastic pots that we should be using and they also have many benefits!

Alternatives come in two categories, those that last a few months, are biodegradable and can be planted straight into the ground, or those that last a few years and can be composted when you are done with them. 

Biodegradable pots not only help the environment, but they cut down on hours of labour in the garden, and even help your plants to grow.

Biodegradable plant pots are made using renewable and sustainable raw materials, materials that will break down in soil.

Examples of materials biodegradable plant pots could be made from are coir (coconut husks), wood chips, rice husks, miscanthus or seaweed.

Examples of plant pots made from eco-friendly materials, which last a few years and can be composted are bamboo, rice husks or latex. You can also get plant pots made from recycled plastic!


biodegradable seedlings

Reasons to switch from plastic to biodegradable plant pots:

  1. Biodegradable plant pots leave no waste- well none that cannot be reabsorbed into the soil.
  2. Better for the environment.
  3. Makes for much healthier and stronger plants.

How do fibre pots make for healthier plants:

Fibre plant pots can be planted straight into the ground, this means no root disturbance or root disturbance. There is also no waiting time for roots to get settled and continue growing. This is ideal for establishing those plants which tend to bolt if their roots are disturbed. When using the fibre pots the roots can even push through the pot sides, when this happens the roots are air-pruned, this promotes even root distribution so your plants won’t become pot-bound!

When planting your biodegradable plant pot into the ground, dunk the fibre pot into a bucket of water overnight and ensure its wet all the way through before planting to get the best results. Then dig a hole and plant the whole thing into the ground or into a new, larger pot.

Our Seed n Sow Signature Seed Kit and All In One Seed Kit include biodegradable trays and pots!


Biodegradable fibre pots and seed trays are also available to purchase in the accessories section of our website today! 

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