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How To Grow Tomatoes From Seed!

Tomato plants need lots of attention during the growing process, but when you get to taste the delicious fruit at the end it is so worth it!

This week we will be giving you our guide to growing tomatoes from seed. More specifically the Matina variety available on our website. However, all varieties have a very similar process.

Matina tomatoes are an early maturing variety, producing high yields of superb tasting medium to large, non-greenback fruits. With a beautiful, intense red flesh and excellent texture. The matina variety also shows good cold tolerance!


When to sow: In a greenhouse or similar, late February to mid-March. Direct sow outdoors late March to April.

When to harvest: Approximately 55 days after seed sowing.


  • Fill your seed tray with compost and water it gently. Place a few seeds in each cell, a finger-width apart. Sprinkle a very light layer or soil over the top.

  • Loosely cover the tray with cling film or a clear sandwich bag, anything you can find to act as a greenhouse in the germination process until the seedlings emerge. Germination happens at approximately 21 degrees. 

  • Remember to put something under your biodegradable seed tray to catch any excess water. Label the tray with your coordinating seed marker. Germination should start from 5 days if your seeds are kept at the right temperature. 

  • Transfer your seedlings to a very warm, sunny spot once emerged, removing the plastic. After a couple of weeks your seedlings should be large enough to prick out and transplant to larger, individual pots. Firm the seeds in place and water well with tepid water.

  • After roughly a month of this stage they will be ready to plant in their final positions, you can tell when they are ready because the first flowers will show a yellow colour. Plant 40cm apart and water well, roots should be kept moist.

  • Tie the plants loosely to a 1m cane when they are big enough and don’t remove the side shoots as this will reduce cropping. Fluctuating moisture levels can cause the fruit to split so water regularly to keep the plants evenly moist.

  • Feed with a balanced liquid fertiliser every 10-14 day, then use a high potassium one after the first fruits start to set. Tomato flowers self-pollinate readily. Misting flowers with water can help fruit set.

  • To harvest pick the fruits with the stalk still attached once they are ripe. When harvesting in early Autumn you can also pick green fruits and then keep them in a warm, dark place to ripen.

Top Tip: Bush tomatoes like this one produce compact plants with numerous short, side shoots that terminate in a cluster of flowers.

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