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How To Make Beautiful Christmas Decor Using Your Garden!

With everyone spending so much time at home this November, we thought we would bring you some fabulous ideas on how you can make some beautiful Christmas decor using your garden, or anything you can find on your walks.

It's such a lovely thing to do, especially with kids and really gets you into the Christmas spirit!

 Forage for Foliage


Keep your eyes peeled when you are out and about for anything that can be used in Christmas crafts to make a beautiful display in your home. Anything green and red always immediately looks festive.

Add Rosemary


Rosemary has a long Christmas tradition so it is perfect for using in your arrangements. I think it looks particularly beautiful on this Christmas cake but it can also be used on place settings.

Decorate Your Chairs


Why stop with decorating the table, draping foliage over the chairs and adding some pinecones and home made Christmas shapes like his beautiful reindeer.  

DIY Christmas Tree


Use sticks you have found in the gardening and tie them together in to the shape of a Christmas tree using jute string. You can then hang decorations off of it, the end result a beautiful, natural Christmas tree.

Wreath Making


Making your own wreath has become increasingly popular in recent years, and they really aren't as difficult as they look. A simple one like this could be left up all year round!

Gift Wrap Ideas


Adding natural foliage to your gifts is a beautiful and economic way to add a special touch to your presents. A sprig of greenery and berries tied on with jute or red string looks fabulous. 

Christmas Foliage Arrangement


An arrangement like this in a glass vase really would make the most beautiful centre piece. So simple but effective, all you need is a variety of greenery and some berries to add a touch of colour.

Paint Pinecones


Painting your pinecones white or even just the tips is one of the easiest Christmas crafts but it just looks fabulous. They can be used all around your house, in bowls like this, on tables or even on the tree looks great.

Place Setting Decor


This table setting is simple but effective, just one sprig of greenery with a beautiful hand written labelled gift tag looks great against a festive coloured napkin.

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