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Seeds You Can Sow In November

Growing and eating produce you have grown in your own garden truly is so rewarding. Many people are under the assumption that seed sowing is mainly a spring task but we have bought to you a list of herb, vegetable, flower and house plant seeds that can be sown this month.

Starting your seeds, now depending on the variety, ensures early spring flowering and harvesting, or for some winter salad varieties, you can make the most of a delicious harvest through the winter months.

We do recommend that you start all these seed varieties inside or undercover to get the best germination rate and to ensure strong, healthy plants. 



Black Beauty Aubergine

Aubergine seeds can be sown from October through to February and can be harvested from April onwards. They can be transplanted outside to a sheltered, sunny, warm spot once all threats of frost have passed. If you don’t think it is quite warm enough it’s a great idea to use fleece or to cover them with a cloche.

Broad Bean

Broad Bean seeds can be sown between January to April and October to November and harvested May to August. Transplant your seedlings outside once they are strong and established enough. 

A top tip for knowing when your broad beans are ready for harvesting is that the scar on the edge of the bean should be green or white in colour. If the scar is black it means the beans are past their best and will be chewy.

Napoli Carrot

The Napoli Carrot variety is a hardy variety which can be grown all year round. It takes approximately 90 days between sowing and maturity. Carrot seedlings may need thinning out early on if too many seeds have germinated close together. It best to do this earlier rather than later. Keep the stronger looking seedling. Transplant your carrot seedlings to their final position once they are one inch tall. Protect your carrot plants from the frost with a tunnel or similar.


Spinach, along with lambs lettuce and rocket are all winter salad varieties that can be sown in containers which can be moved when there is a threat of frost and can also be grown indoors all year round for a constant supply. Roughly 6 weeks between seed sowing and harvesting your spinach. You can harvest from a spinach plant multiple times, either until leaves stop growing, or they begin setting seed.

Pea sprouts are a great winter salad opinion, they are a fab idea to grow with kids as it only takes three weeks from seed to harvest!


Chilli pepper varieties such as ‘Apache’ and ‘Medusa’ can be grown all year round on a sunny windowsill. Chillies are great for adding flavour to so many dishes and using your homegrown chillies to do this is so rewarding!

Spring Onion

Some hardier varieties of spring onion can be sown now, one example is the ‘performer’ variety. Spring onions do well when planted in pots, and this makes it much easier to protect them from frost by using a cloche or placing them in a greenhouse or similar.



Most herb seed varieties thrive when grown on a sunny windowsill, this also means they can be grown all year round! They make a great addition to any kitchen and make it so easy to access fragrant herbs to add to your delicious recipes.

Have you seen our beautiful new gift set which is perfect for creating a statement herb garden in your kitche. It includes a beautiful trio of hanging planters from Burgon & Ball, and you have a choice from our range of three herb varieties with seed labels and sowing instructions for each. For harvesting, this kit also comes with the amazing Burgon & Ball mini snips. Available to purchase now at



November is the best time to plant bulbs for early spring flower displays but there are still a number of flowers you can grow from seed too!

Nigella Flower

Nigella’s are a hardy variety that can be sown undercover between September and November and outdoor April to August. Start your seeds indoors for strong plants and transplant to their final position once they are large enough to handle. Through the winter months place them in a greenhouse, conservatory or similar until the threat of frost has passed.

Once flowered, cut your Nigella’s regularly to ensure a continuous display. A top tip is to sow some seeds every 2-3 weeks to ensure a continuous, beautiful display, ideal for cutting.

Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas are always a favourite and are a great way to provide your garden with some quick colour and fragrance. Sow seeds in early spring and autumn to ensure beautiful summer displays.


Eryngiums are bee-friendly and great for sowing in the colder months as they actually require a period of cold in order to germinate. Sow your seeds in pots, trays or modules and place in an unheated greenhouse or cold frame over winter.


Alliums are another favourite with bees and other pollinator. The seeds can be sown at any time of the year either directly into the ground or indoors in containers before being planted out.

House Plants


Of course, you can also sow all varieties of our houseplant seeds indoors all year round making these seed packets and gift sets the ideal stocking fillers this Christmas!

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We hope this post has been helpful and we would love to see what you are sowing this November, so please remember to use #seednsow in your posts.

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