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Top 7 Most Popular Garden Styles

There is a garden design to suit everyone whatever your taste or style!

Spring and Summer are coming around quickly, so you may be in the mindset of making plans to transform your outdoor space. Hopefully, this post will give you some great visual inspiration and ideas to help you decide which style you love, it may even be a combination of a few!

Cottage Garden

The cottage garden style is a quintessentially English garden style. Picture overflowing planting with masses of colour and beautiful flowers. 


Japanese Garden

Add some cultural beauty to your garden, adding statues, pieces of art and water features. There are also specific plants you can use to give your garden a lovely Japanese feel.


Contemporary Garden

A contemporary garden design involves lots of crisp, clean lines with little clutter. It is becoming increasingly popular with the rise of simple, Scandi design inside the home is then being carried to the outside spaces.

Mediterranean Garden

Mediterranean garden design is fabulous because when it is done right it can give you the feeling of being on holiday all through the year! Using drought-tolerant plants such as olive trees, rosemary and lavender along with dark blue and white colour schemes.

Formal Garden

Formal gardens are very symmetrical and usually include beautiful patterns using hedges, gravel, paving stones and plants. They can also quite often have a geometric pattern around a central focus. Formal gardens work well in any size space.

Wildlife Friendly Garden

Wild gardens are very similar to cottage gardens in that there is an abundance of flowers but every feature in a wildlife-friendly garden serves a purpose to the animals, from the flowers that are chosen to the pile of logs, bird boxes and bee hotels.


Urban Garden

Finally, urban gardens are often very small but have to serve lots of purposes. A relaxing space where you can entertain but also where you can grow your own vegetables or flowers etc. There are many interesting and clever ideas out there that can utilise the space.

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