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Top Winter Gardening Tasks To Prepare You For Next Year

So many people have enjoyed spending much more time in the garden this year and don’t realise that it doesn’t have to end when the weather turns colder.

There are still many tasks you can do to get your garden organised and in order ready for the busy spring and summer months of planting and harvesting.

The winter months between November and January, in particular, are a great time to make sure all your hard work from the rest of the year won’t go to waste, and that your plants will be thriving again next summer.

So here is a list we have put together for you of tasks that can be done in these months.

Damage prevention

With the season change, bad weather is inevitable, with high winds and torrential rain very likely and possibly even snow. It is important to make sure any structures in your garden are secure and can take the impact.

This includes greenhouses, fences and sheds etc, check they are stable, and when it comes to sheds and greenhouses, waterproof. If you find any issues be sure to fix them right away!

This is something many people forget to do and it can prove to be a costly mistake when spring arrives.

Cut, refresh, tidy and mulch

Give all the plants in your borders a trim, removing any deadheads and making them all look tidy, and clear out any leaves that have fallen. Prune your deciduous plants as many are dormant throughout the colder months. Prune trees and shrubs on a mild, dry day. The branches that need pruning are ones that are dead or sick and then those that are either too small or too big. 

Once all the pruning has taken place, surround your plants, trees and bushes with a deep mulch, this can be made from straw, shredded leaves, grass cuttings, wood chippings, bark, sawdust and compost.

Read our blog all about mulching here

 Early planting

Planting bulbs in November is a great idea to get your garden looking bright and colourful as early as January! You’ll be happy you were this organised when they bloom into beautiful flowers and you are the envy of all your neighbours!

Look after the wildlife

During the winter months, it is harder for wildlife to find food, especially when the frost hits. Why not lend them a helping hand by preparing a mix of nuts and seeds to put outside for them, also, don’t forget to put out some fresh water for the birds. 

Leave a pile of logs or leaves and twigs, or allow a patch of grass to grow a little longer in a small patch. This will provide food and shelter for small mammals such as hedgehogs, wood mice, voles and shrews. 

Add compost

Make sure you don’t forget to add compost to your plant beds so that they are healthy next year when you go to plant them! Simply sprinkle some on top and then fork it in, but be sure to use a generous amount.

Protect your plants

Some plant species that aren’t fully hardy or any you know don’t like the colder months, bring inside or put into your greenhouse if you have one. If this isn’t an option you can also leave them in the most sheltered but sunny part of your garden and wrap the pots in some bubble wrap.

Greenhouse Maintenance

If you are lucky enough to have a greenhouse in your garden, make sure you give it an end of summer clean. It is especially important to give the glass a good clean so that as much sunlight as possible comes through to your plants. At the same time also make sure there are no cracks or leaks etc.

Prepare for next year

Now is the time to get yourself organised for next year, writing a list of things you want to grow, when they need to be sown, transplanted and harvested etc. It is also a fabulous idea to map out what seeds will be planted where and to do your research as to what plants work well together and limit pest problems.

Once you have written your list it is also a great idea to get ordering the seeds so that you are fully prepared to start as soon as you can!

If you have any landscaping ideas that may need professional help, now is the time to get planning and booking them in as early as you can, so you can enjoy your beautiful new landscaping for the majority of the summer months!

Get your tools in order

Finally, every great gardener has to keep their tools in working order, now is the time to sharpen tools, tighten loose screws and clean, clean, clean. You’ll be so happy you did so come springtime!

I hope you have found this blog helpful and now have so many ideas of things you can do in your garden over the next few months. Just because the weather isn’t quite so warm and bright it doesn’t mean we can’t be outside getting some wonderful, fresh air.


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