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  • 10 Reasons Your Seeds May Not Be Germinating

    Growing from seed can prove to be very economical, with more and more people choosing to grow their own produce from seed at home. 

    However, growing from seed can prove to be quite a challenge. We have put together a helpful list of the top 10 reasons your seeds may not be germinating so that you have the best possible chance of success.

  • How To Care For Your Houseplants In The Winter Months!

    With the Autumn weather officially here we thought it was time to give you our guide to caring for your houseplants in the winter months!
  • Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Plastic Plant Pots!

    Did you know, millions of plastic plant pots are ending up in landfill as they are not being properly recycled. They can take around 450 years to decompose!

    However there are many alternatives to plastic pots that we should be using and they also have many benefits!

  • How To Make Your Own Compost!

    Compost is organic matter that has decomposed in a process called composting, it recycles various organic materials found in your home and garden. Composting can take a while to happen naturally, however, by making the perfect environment in our gardens we can speed up this process.

  • What Is Mulch?

    Using mulch in your garden really can save you so much time! What Is Mulch? Any material that is spread over the surface of the soil as a covering ...
  • How To Style Houseplants In Your Home!

    Having plants inside the home has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and have become a must with interior designers. We thought we would give you some tips on how to style them in your own homes!
  • You Can Still Grow Vegetables In Your Urban Garden!

    We want everyone to feel that they can grow their own produce, even with little or no outside space! Here are some great ways you can make your own urban, outdoor vegetable patch in your home.
  • How To Tell When Your Plants Need Watering!

    Striking the right balance between not underwatering or overwatering your plants is a challenge for even the most experienced gardeners. We wanted to give you some tips so that you know what signs to look out for, and how to test if your plants need watering!
  • Why peat-free gardening is essential for the environment

    Find out why you should be striving to be 100% peat-free in your garden!

    In this blog you will find information about what peat is, why it's consumption is harmful to the environment, how we are 100% peat-free at Seed n Sow, and tips on how you can be 100% peat-free too.

  • How To Be More Eco-Friendly In Your Garden!

    Did you know that 97% of meadows, crucial habitats for insects and bees, have been lost since the end of World War Two. However, if you have a garden you have an opportunity to contribute to protecting the natural world. The UK’s gardens have a combined landmass bigger than the Peak District and Lake District put together. With a few small changes in our gardens, we have an opportunity to help tackle climate change. 

    Here are our tips on how you can make your garden more environmentally friendly.

  • Our Guide To Caring For Your House Plants!

    We know that many people struggle to keep their houseplants alive, so we thought we would dig out the top tips, to help you achieve happy, healthy indoor plants!


  • 10 Top Health Benefits of Turnip Greens!

    Did you know, you don't have to throw away the leafy part of Turnips? They are extremely nutritious and tasty! We've found Turnip Greens are an und...