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Organic Calabrese Broccoli Vegetable Seeds - 8 Per Pack

Organic Calabrese Broccoli Vegetable Seeds - 8 Per Pack

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Organic Calabrese Broccoli seeds, certified as an organically produced seed by the Soil Association.

Sow: Start indoors in March. Direct sow from April to July.

Harvest: Harvest June to December.

Grow your own fresh calabrese broccoli at home, a great accompaniment to so many dishes. Broccoli is known for its beneficial health effects, it is high in fibre, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron, potassium and more. 

Easy for all to grow.

Each pack contains approximately 8 Broccoli seeds.

Please be sure to do your research, and find out how to give your broccoli seed the best start.

Alternatively, you could purchase one of our All In One, or Seed n Sow Signature Seed Kits, where we have done the research for you. They come with a handy seed sowing guide for the specific seed you receive!