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Darjeeling Banana Seeds - Indoor House Plant Seeds - 6 Musa Sikkimensis Tropical Seeds

Darjeeling Banana Seeds - Indoor House Plant Seeds - 6 Musa Sikkimensis Tropical Seeds

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The Musa Sikkimensis is a beautiful rare plant native to the Eastern Himalayas, its common name is Darjeeling Banana. It is a strong, hardy tropical plant with large oval leaves with beautiful burgundy markings.

This Banana Plant is a popular exotic seed variety because it is easy to grow and hardy to cold weather making it the perfect house plant to grow here in the UK!

When to Sow Banana Seeds

  • Sow indoors all year round! The Darjeeling Banana should be in a warm location to germinate.
  • Germination can take 2-6 months, though we have seen success in as little as five weeks!

How to Grow Darjeeling Banana

  1. Place the seeds in a bowl of slightly warm water for 48 hours, changing the water daily. This allows the seeds to absorb water and starts off the germination process. 
  2. Fill your seed tray, or pots, with a mix of 50/50 compost and vermiculite or horticultural sand. Moisten the compost, place one seed in each cell and cover with compost. 
  3. Put a clear plastic zip-lock bag or anything that still lets light in over the tray this will create a greenhouse-like atmosphere. 
  4. Place in the warmest, brightest spot in your house without being in direct sunlight during the germination process. The plastic cover will help with keeping the warmth in to encourage germination.
  5. Keep the soil moist but not saturated until the seeds germinate. Keep an eye on the plastic covering, if there is water dripping, loosen the plastic slightly to give some ventilation as seeds can rot if conditions are too wet.
  6. Germination time can be anywhere between 2 and 6 months so patience is key. As soon as germination has occurred take the plastic covering off but continue to keep in a very warm spot.
  7. Once the seedlings are well established and strong enough, repot them into individual 9cm pots, with well-drained soil. 


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