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Seed n Sow Blog

  • Gardening Practices To Help You Prevent Plant Diseases

    Providing a healthy environment for your plants is essential when it comes to preventing plant health issues. Taking the time to implement the practices below is important to help prevent pests and disease. Prevention is much easier and more efficient than letting plant diseases affect your garden and then having to spend a lot of time rectifying the issues. It will also save you time and money in the long run.
  • Seeds You Can Sow In November

    Growing and eating produce you have grown in your own garden truly is so rewarding. Many people are under the assumption that seed sowing is mainly a spring task but we have bought to you a list of herb, vegetable, flower and house plant seeds that can be sown this month.
  • How To Make Beautiful Christmas Decor Using Your Garden!

    With everyone spending so much time at home this November, we thought we would bring you some fabulous ideas on how you can make some beautiful Christmas decor using your garden, or anything you can find on your walks.

    It's such a lovely thing to do and really gets you into the Christmas spirit!

  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Start Container Gardening

    There really are so many benefits to container gardening. It gives those people who have a balcony, patio or terrace with no grass or soil the opportunity to grow delicious herbs, fruits and vegetables or beautiful flowers.
  • Top Winter Gardening Tasks To Prepare You For Next Year

    So many people have enjoyed spending much more time in the garden this year and don’t realise that it doesn’t have to end when the weather turns colder.

    There are still many tasks you can do to get your garden organised and in order ready for the busy spring and summer months of planting and harvesting.

    The winter months between November and January, in particular, are a great time to make sure all your hard work from the rest of the year won’t go to waste, and that your plants will be thriving again next summer.

  • Best Houseplants For Clean Air

    The majority of us don’t get enough clean, fresh air in our everyday lives. The air inside our homes can often feel stale, not helped by synthetic materials found in our homes and heating systems drying the air out. Paints, computers and synthetic furniture and more all pump chemical vapours into the air. 

    All of this can lead to health issues such as headaches, asthma, tickly coughs and allergy attacks.

    This is where house plants come in.

    We all know how great houseplants look aesthetically in our homes, adding colour and vibrancy, but what many people don’t realise is that houseplants are also functional too!

  • 10 Reasons Your Seeds May Not Be Germinating

    Growing from seed can prove to be very economical, with more and more people choosing to grow their own produce from seed at home. 

    However, growing from seed can prove to be quite a challenge. We have put together a helpful list of the top 10 reasons your seeds may not be germinating so that you have the best possible chance of success.

  • How To Care For Your Houseplants In The Winter Months!

    With the Autumn weather officially here we thought it was time to give you our guide to caring for your houseplants in the winter months!
  • Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Plastic Plant Pots!

    Did you know, millions of plastic plant pots are ending up in landfill as they are not being properly recycled. They can take around 450 years to decompose!

    However there are many alternatives to plastic pots that we should be using and they also have many benefits!

  • How To Make Your Own Compost!

    Compost is organic matter that has decomposed in a process called composting, it recycles various organic materials found in your home and garden. Composting can take a while to happen naturally, however, by making the perfect environment in our gardens we can speed up this process.

  • What Is Mulch?

    Using mulch in your garden really can save you so much time! What Is Mulch? Any material that is spread over the surface of the soil as a covering ...
  • How To Style Houseplants In Your Home!

    Having plants inside the home has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and have become a must with interior designers. We thought we would give you some tips on how to style them in your own homes!